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We Should Do It Again

Updated: May 3

Late seventies, early eighties inspired new wave rock. Distorted guitars, bass and drums. Three versions available. 150 BPM.

Guitar, Drum Kit, Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Shaker, Bass Guitar, Aggressive, Animated, Bizarre, Busy, Chaotic, Confrontational, Crazy, Dangerous, Determined, Dramatic, Driving, Edgy, Energetic, Frantic, Freaky, Gritty, Hectic, Jumpy, Street-Smart, Wacky, 1970s (Seventies), 1980s (Eighties), Action Thriller, Chase Scene, Film Vocal, Law & Crime, Section Opening, TV Vocal, Action, Crime, Detective, Gun, Danger, Crank, The Stranglers, Get a Grip On Yourself, Tarantino, Baby Driver


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