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Born in Hastings, New Zealand, to an English father and a Dutch mother, Marc grew up in Belmont, a suburb on Auckland’s North Shore.

Marc first picked up a guitar when he was about sixteen. He’d seen the movie "A Hard Days Night" two or three years earlier but it took him that long to convince himself that playing a guitar would benefit his musicianship. Teaching himself chords from a mail order guitar instruction book, he soon decided that music was something he wouldn't mind pursuing.

After performing with various bands and duo’s over the years, Marc concluded it wasn't his thing to play with others. Recording in studios brought on the same feelings... “too many cooks in the kitchen... I have enough personality conflicts with myself.”

Always a loner not to mention a perfectionist, Marc realised that the only way to produce what he heard in his head was to do it all himself. In the old days it was a four track cassette tape recorder with a battered old sm58. These days it’s a virtual recording studio in a computer.

Next to his computer is an imaginary hat stand. On it are the imaginary hats Marc uses to “play” the different parts - not only as a multi instrumentalist but also as producer, engineer, arranger etc. “Interesting things happen when I inadvertently wear my drummers hat while I’m trying to compose a piano part...” Say no more!

To date, Marc's music has been played on Radio, TV or Cinema in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Portugal, Holland, Poland, Romania, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Malaysia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, U.K. and Japan.
And all over the world on the internet!

Marc’s influences include The Beatles, Brit Pop, Ralph Mctell, XTC, Brian Wilson, Mike Oldfield, Burt Bacharach, Rogers and Hammerstein, Beethoven, Bach etc...

Marc Beasley
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