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First Star

Updated: May 6

Inspired by the early sixties Telstar Satellite, this instrumental includes instruments of that era, e.g. Clavioline, Hammond Organ and a Theremin. New beginning, Rocket Launch, Sunrise, Earthrise or new day with a retro feel. 185 BPM 4/4.

Dreamy, Proud, Reflective, Introspective, Comforting, Relaxed, Carefree, Laidback, Soothing, Enchanting, Sentimental, Floating, Smooth, Electric, Acoustic, Guitar, Retro Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Surf, Rock, Dreams, Retro, Sunset, achievement, calm, discovery, elegant, futuristic, haunting, inspirational, motivational, mellow, optimistic, positive, travel, uplifting, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, electric organ, organ, piano, Space age, Humming, 50s, 60s, Joe Meek, The Tornadoes

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