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Early Bird

Updated: May 6

Psychedelia inspired circa 1966 Sixties 60's. Electric guitar, drums, mellotron and a shaking tambourine with a groovy bass line. 120 BPM 4/4. Three versions available.

Achievement, bouncy, bright, cheerful happy, confident, discovery, driving, energetic, groovy, happy, inspirational, optimistic, positive, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, electric organ, flute, flutes, organ, mellotron, 60s, Revolver, Taxman, Rain, Paperback writer, Tomorrow never knows, 12 String Rickenbacker, Psychedelic, LSD, Swinging sixties, Summer of love, Acid rock, Swinging London, Carnaby Street, Paul McCartney bass, And your bird can sing, The Beatles, If I needed someone, George Harrison, The Byrds, Roger McGuinn, Rubber Soul, The Bells of Rhymney



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